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The Gurdjieff Society of Massachusetts

The Gurdjieff Society of Massachusetts is an affiliate of the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York.  The Society is nonsectarian and nondenominational, and its membership is composed of individuals from a wide variety of personal, ethnic, and professional backgrounds.  The aims of the Society are


2014-15 Series of Talks


Introduction to the Ideas and Practice of the Gurdjieff Teaching
Presented by experienced members of the Society, followed by questions and discussion

Topic for May 13, 2015

Pivot Point: Becoming Involved in a Spiritual Community

Many people regard the moment of becoming involved in a spiritual community as a pivotal point in their lives.  Something new begins and, for many, life will never be the same as before.

Four members of the Gurdjieff Society will discuss what they were looking for when they decided to become involved.  What attracted them to the Gurdjieff teaching and community?

Going a step further, they will address the question what, after years of experience with the teaching and the community, attracts them now?  What holds their interest?

Our talks are held at
First Parish Church of Cambridge
3 Church Street, Cambridge, MA
Harvard Square T-stop


Have questions?  Want to receive updates on future events?  Are you are interested in joining the Society?  Please contact us at info@gurdjieffsocietymass.org, or click here to fill out our contact form.



The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness. And 'consciousness' cannot evolve unconsciously.  The evolution of man is the evolution of his will, and 'will' cannot evolve involuntarily.  The evolution of man is the evolution of his power of doing, and 'doing' cannot be the result of things which 'happen'.

G. I. Gurdjieff