About Us

The Gurdjieff teaching requires a sustained effort -- a work on oneself -- over some period of time in order to lay the foundation for a life of inquiry and personal growth. We are organized as a school where students and teachers -- all of whom remain students -- come and go in the course of a week. Participation in the school supports each person's engagement in his and her own life as a thinking individual, as a member of a family, profession, or trade, and as a concerned citizen of this country and the world.  


Living teachings exist on an edge between their inherited traditions and the need for freshness in thought and practice. The Society draws on a century of continuous tradition with a rich heritage of ideas, methods, and attitudes, and innumerable insights, often still unpublished, from Gurdjieff's recorded conversations and those of his most eminent students.  


Yet no teaching can flourish solely on the basis of its traditions. It needs to learn from life, to recognize today's questions and to respond. We are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Gurdjieff teaching as a living influence, a resource for inquiring people in this new century.


We are an affiliate of the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York. The Society is nonsectarian and nondenominational, and its membership is composed of individuals from a wide variety of personal, ethnic, and professional backgrounds.  


The aims of the Society are:

  • to preserve the ideas and methods of the noted spiritual teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff,

  • to explore what their practice requires in today's world,

  • to maintain a community of seekers that welcomes new members who share these interests,

  • to contribute to society's understanding of the human condition, and

  • to allow that understanding to become of profound, creative service to other people.

About Us