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Books in the Gurdjieff Canon

Books by G.I. Gurdjieff

Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson
Meetings with Remarkable Men
Life is Real Only Then, When 'I Am'
Views From the Real World

Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: All and Everything. New York: Penguin, 1992.

Meetings with Remarkable Men. London and New York: Arkana/Penguin Books, 1985.

Life is Real Only Then, When "I Am." London and New York: Arkana/Penguin Books, 1991.

Views From the Real World: Early Talks with G. I. Gurdjieff. London and New York: Arkana/Penguin Books, 1984.

These books provide helpful approaches to the rich system of ideas in the Gurdjieff teaching: 


Conge, Michel.  Inner Octaves. Toronto: Dolmen Meadow Editions, 2007.


de Hartmann, Thomas and Olga. Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff. London: Penguin Arkana, 1992.


de Salzmann, Jeanne. The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff. Boston and London: Shambhala, 2010.

Dooling, D.M. A Way or Working: The Spiritual Dimension of Craft. Boulder (Colorado): Shambhala Publications, 1985.

Lannes, Henriette. This Fundamental Quest: The Journey of a Pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff. San Francisco: Far West Institute, 2003.

Lipsey, Roger. Gurdjieff Reconsidered: The Life, the Teachings, the Legacy. Boulder (Colorado): Shambhala Publications, 2019.

For the video of Roger's May 2019 book talk at Potter's House Bookstore in Washington, DC, please visit our Videography page.

Please see this article which appeared in the May 2019 issue of the Watkins Bookshop magazine (London).

Needleman, Jacob and Baker, George, eds. G. I. Gurdjieff: Essays and Reflections on the Man and His Teaching. New York: Continuum, 1996.

Needleman, Jacob. Introduction to the Gurdjieff Work. Sandpoint: Morning Light Press, 2009.


Needleman, Jacob, ed. The Inner Journey: Views from the Gurdjieff Work. Parabola Anthology Series. Sandpoint: Morning Light Press, 2008.


Ouspensky, P. D. In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching. New York: Harcourt Brace and World, 1949.


Ouspensky, P. D. The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution. New York: Hedgehog Press, 1950.


Pentland, John.  Exchanges Within. New York: Continuum, 1997.


Ravindra, Ravi. Heart Without Measure: Gurdjieff Work with Madame de Salzmann. Sandpoint: Morning Light Press, 2004.


Tracol, Henri. The Real Question Remains: Gurdjieff: A Living Call. Sandpoint: Morning Light Press, 2009.

Vaysse, Jean. Toward Awakening. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1979.


Walker, Kenneth. Venture with Ideas. New York: Pellegrini & Cudahy, 1952. 

Books by others in the Gurdjieff canon:

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