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What are distinguishing features of the Gurdjieff teaching?

Gurdjieff brought a remarkably diverse teaching to help people who wish to approach the question of awakening. Is there a sense and aim to human existence?  How could we find out?  Is it true that we live most of our lives in a kind of hypnotic sleep, separated from a deeper reality that is calling to us?


To approach these questions Gurdjieff proposed an elegant system of ideas and concrete methods based on self-observation, work with others in meetings and practical activities, work alone in very quiet conditions, movement exercises and sacred dances, and music. The aim was to touch and develop all the parts of a human being, in the context both of the great spiritual traditions of the past, and the amazing scientific developments of the modern era.


  "Take the understanding of the East, and the knowledge of the West -- and then seek."


This is how Gurdjieff put it, suggesting a search rooted in spiritual tradition and empirical science that opens toward the new. Then the living teaching becomes an on-going process of discovery, supported by its depth, variety of means, and rich history. 

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