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A Return to Oneself

Tuesday, December 3, 7:00 p.m.

Common Room, Cambridge Public Library, main branch


In our quest for mastery in our outer lives, exploring the inner life is easily forgotten.

While the practice of meditation has become mainstream, the practices of self-observation and self-remembering have not.  Yet, these practical methods -- central to the Gurdjieff teaching -- have much in common with meditation: each aims for a quiet mind, a return to oneself, and contact with the inner life.  Meditation typically takes place on a cushion; self-observation and self-remembering, however, bring the workings of mind, body, and emotions under the lens of a new attention in the midst of everyday life.

With sincerity and perseverance, we can learn to see ourselves. Seeing can become knowing; knowing can become understanding; understanding can transform.

Please join us, and bring your questions.

(Underground parking available.)

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